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    7 Men You’ll Find in Every Girl’s Contact List

    You can divide my contact list by categories: friends, family, guys I’ve fucked, guys I want to fuck, guys I want to fuck again, and guys who will reply to my message – no matter what I’ve said or how late it is. So, I guess that’s this post done and dusted then. Right?

    Or do you want to find out which category you fall under?

    Go on then.

    I remember being given a diary in primary school (and early high school) that had daily (or weekly) planning schedules, important dates, holidays, and spaces to write ‘important numbers’. Those were usually reserved for your best friends, boys, and your mum’s cell phone number. Thus, we had a ‘little black book’ from the beginning.

    Now, they’re in your pocket 24/7 and are usually accompanied by a variety of emoticons or notes, such as: ‘big dick’ or ‘worst sex ever, do not do it’.

    Things are looking pretty grim for the men in my life, aren’t they?

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