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    Blogging with a Baby

    Right now, my son is lying on his change mat with his bare booty in the air. I have four minutes (at best) before he realises that he’s half-naked and can pee everywhere. I would like to say that it doesn’t happen that often, but that would be a blatant lie.

    Baby pee. It happens. Everywhere.

    Remember the carpet in your mum’s house? It probably has pee on it.

    Right now, I am writing this post and hoping like hell that it makes sense. I woke up at 5am to a baby who was screaming the house down. With his eyes closed. That takes talent. Blogging with a baby is about grabbing every spare moment (ha) that you have. You know, if you’re really serious about making it work.

    I can’t remember the last time I sat down and wrote a blog post.

    I’m absolutely smitten. Can you blame me?

    I have found that blogging with a baby is touch and go at the best of times…and sometimes it just doesn’t get done at all. I’m on Twitter, and I see mothers who have posts scheduled months in advance. They have tweets scheduled. They’re active on Instagram and Facebook. I’m sitting here wondering how the hell they get it done.

    I have a blog schedule. Of sorts. I haven’t looked at since I created it one month ago. If I remember correctly, I should have published twelve (or more) posts since that fateful day that I created the Numbers document. Have I done that? No. Do I feel guilty? A little bit. Am I willing to spend time on my laptop instead of playing with my son? Nope.

    I have the social media scheduling tools. I use them. Sometimes.

    The only thing I don’t have is time.

    It used to take me a couple of hours to draft and edit a blog post, and create images for it. I would click publish and not think about it ever again. Pretty simple, no?

    Now a blog post takes me a couple of days to write. I generally have my foot on C’s bouncy chair or I’m holding him with one hand or I’m shaking a toy in his face with one hand and typing with the other. Or he’s lying naked on a change mat and having an absolute ball while I’m giving him the side eye.

    I’m making bottles, cleaning bottles, and giving my baby a bottle. I’m doing laundry, cleaning my (our) room, and sorting though his massive amount of clothes. I’m dodging stuffed animals, finding lost socks, and emptying his almost always overflowing diaper bin. I’m pulling silly faces, reading him books, and getting some tummy time in as well. Heck, I’m having a frigging nap.

    I am looking after a baby.

    Blogging with a baby is hard. Sometimes it doesn’t happen. A lot of the time.

    I choose to snuggle my baby. I choose to make a bottle for my baby. I choose to be silly and try make my baby laugh. I choose to hold him for an extra minute in the morning and at night. I choose to give him extra kisses. I choose to play games with my son. Sometimes I think I’m more entertained by the baby toys than C.

    So, sometimes I get to come to this space and pour out how I’m feeling or write an update about my baby boy. Sometimes I get to come to this space and read all the lovely comments (and I occasionally feel ambitious and actually reply). Sometimes I come to this space and sigh. Sometimes I come to this space and consider deleting it all.

    But I never regret spending that extra minute with my son.

    Blogging with a baby: Sometimes it happens, sometimes it does not. (Mostly not.) 

    And that’s okay.